Our school participates in a number of fundraisers throughout the year. Some fundraisers raise money or resources for external charities and others directly support our students and school. We set fundraising goals on an annual basis. These goals are developed with our school council.

We understand that it may not be possible for all families to participate in every fundraiser. Participation is completely optional. Please be assured that we will never exclude students from any activity as a result of the personal decision to be part of a fundraiser or not.

Fundraising Resource Guide

Policy 4320 – Fundraising


Some of our on-going Fundraisers at Nottawa ES. 

FlipGive:  Do you shop online?  Consider using the FlipGive app or web browser to earn cash-back from your purchase for our school. Choose from 1000s of brands, from clothing and toys, to travel, restaurants and gift cards. Download the app or visit http://www.flipgive.com  and use the Code 9MSNMR to join the Nottawa team and start earning.


Mablel's Labels:   Mabel’s Labels are personalized, durable, waterproof labels, great for everything from shoes, clothing tags, water bottles and backpacks. This is a great way to ensure your items don’t end up in the lost & found or mixed up. To support our fundraiser, visit www.campaigns.mabelslabels.com  and select Nottawa Elementary School.  Our school will receive 20% of all sales.


Nottawa Nighthawks Gear: Show your school pride with custom Nottawa Elementary School gear. From sweatshirts, hats, tee shirts and more, you can find it here https://nottawa.entripyshops.com/.  Our school will receive 10% of sales. 


TruEarth: TruEarth is a Canadian company committed to eliminating plastic waste with its eco-friendly cleaning products.  When you order a product online at https://tru-earth.sjv.io/DV5PG2, 20% of the total sales will go to Nottawa Elementary School. You can feel good knowing you are helping our school and the environment.