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Nottawa Hockey Schedule 2016


* Games will consist of three periods. 10, 15, 15 minute running time with the last two minutes being stop time if the goal spread is 4 or less.

* The score sheet will indicate the true score, however the score clock will not show more than a 4 goal spread.

* 2 pts for a win, 1 point for a tie, 0 pts for a loss.

Tie Breaker (Round Robin Tournament) - Plus/minus goal total for both games

* First goal if +/- tied (against the team with which they are tied)

* Shoot out if still tied (Three Player format)


* Full equipment must be worn by all players and must be CSA approved.

* Neck guards are mandatory

* Proper ice hockey goalie pads must be worn. (street hockey equipment is not sufficient)

* OMHA rules for equipment standards apply

* Players must wear a helmet when on the players bench or in the penalty box.