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Playground Supervision CORRECTION Supervision CORRECTION<p>​​Please note that in our original newsletter the time for morning supervision was incorrect.  Supervision begins at 8:45am.  Please do not drop off your children prior to 8:45am in the mornings unless there is a prearranged time for a school activity or practice.  </p>
Parent Portal Portal<p>​The SCDSB Parent Portal is a secure online tool that provides parents/guardians (of students less than 18 years of age) with quick access to their children's attendance and grades. Parents and guardians can set up daily, weekly or monthly email alerts for attendance information.</p><p>To access the Parent Portal, parents/guardians will need their child's Pupil ID Number, which can be found on the Student Information Verification Form sent home at the start of every school year, as well as an Access ID.</p><p>Each student has a unique Access ID and Student Number. The Access ID can be obtained by contacting the school office.  Once a Parent/Guardian has created a Parent Portal account, all students can be linked to that single account.  </p><p>Go to <a href=""></a> to create a Parent Portal account or login.</p>
Classroom Celebration Food Expectations Celebration Food Expectations<p>A focus of our new school learning plan involves improving the nutritional value of food that we both sell and eat at school.  Our spirit squad has already adopted some changes to support this initiative.  They are selling healthy popcorn in place of candy grams and candy canes.</p><p>Celebrations like birthdays, holidays and end-of-year classroom parties often involve foods and drinks that are high in sugar, fat, salt and empty calories. Tying less nutritious foods to celebrations sends the message that fun and 'treats' go together. This can lead to eating more of these foods (and fewer nutritious foods). Improving the quality of food prevents this from happening and puts the focus on the real reason for the celebration!</p><p>​Let's work together to make classroom celebrations both fun and healthy.  If you are sending food into the classroom with your child, please make it fruit or veggies instead of candy, cookies and cupcakes.</p><p>Here is a suggested snack list:<br> <br></p><ul><li>Veggies and dip</li><li>Whole grain muffins and fresh orange wedges </li><li>Fruit tray, fruit kabobs, cut up fruit</li><li>Whole grain crackers and cheese cubes </li><li>Yogurt, whole grain cereal and berries for parfaits</li></ul><p>Thank you for your support.</p>
Nottawa Oct 16 to 20 Oct 16 to 20<p>​​​Sub sales begin on Monday, October 16</p><p>Area Flag Football tournament on Monday, October 16</p><p>Cross Country Championships on Tuesday, October 17</p><p>Picture orders are due on Wednesday, October 18</p><p>Reminder pizza began last week - ​​Wednesdays​</p><p>PA day - Friday, October 20</p><p><br></p>
Pizza begins tomorrow, October 11 begins tomorrow, October 11<p>​​Please note that if you ordered pizza, tomorrow is our first pizza day.  </p>
CORRECTION FOR Cross Country Meet tomorrow moved to THURSDAY FOR Cross Country Meet tomorrow moved to THURSDAY<p>​​​Please note that the cross country meet scheduled for tomorrow has been moved to <strong>THURSDAY</strong> now, due to weather forecasts for tomorrow.   </p>
Meet the teacher night Thursday, October 5 the teacher night Thursday, October 5<p>​​This is a reminder that meet the teacher night is Thursday, October 5, from 5:00 to 6:30pm. Pizza is availabe for $2.00 per slice and $10.00 per pizza.  </p>
Delay route 422 red bus route 422 red bus<p>​​​Please note that route 422, red bus is running 20 minutes late</p>
Bus 437 orange bus delay 437 orange bus delay<p>​​​Bus route 437, orange bus also delayed (10 minutes)</p>
Bus route 422 has just left the school route 422 has just left the school<p>​​​Route 422 (red bus) has left the school 3:47</p>